Words and Walking: The Women's March London

Yesterday, alongside a friend, I went on a march for the first time in my life. We novices joined an estimated 100,000 people, on the first day of Donald Trump's administration, for The Woman's March London in support of women's rights and equality for all. It was part of a global day of action across 15 British and Irish cities and 161 counties worldwide. And it was brilliant!

Me and my mate, Teri, mid march!

Me and my mate, Teri, mid march!

Part of the joy of participating was arriving in Grosvenor Square for the kick off to be greeted by so many people, all with something heartfelt to say. I especially loved reading the placards. Words and images of outrage, expressed with brevity and wit, lifting the spirits and giving a sense of hope.  

Good vibes and solidarity ruled as people of all ages took to the streets together. Women, men, teenagers, children, babies and dogs too. We walked and cheered through some of the ritziest real estate in London. It was bitterly cold but the sun shone in a clear blue sky. Taxi's honked. People sang and drums banged. It was fun, moving and powerful to be involved in such a peaceful expression of goodwill and positive intent. I'd been in two minds and nervous about attending. I'm so glad I did.

Buoyed by yesterday, I'm feeling excited about our first Words Away salon of the year, Writing Short Stories, with Stella Duffy, Emma Darwin and me, taking place tomorrow night at the Teahouse Theatre Cafe. Can't wait! Hope to see you there.

We shall overcomb!